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Growing lavender allows our family to combine our love of the plant with our love of the land.  We feel this is a great way to raise a family, build a strong business, benefit our community, and a beautiful way to stay in love and grow old together.

To create a viable, sustainable farm-focused business that we can pass on to our children, continuing our family’s farming legacy.

Harnessing the holistic properties of essential oils

We aspire to create a viable, sustainable farm-focused business that we can passed on to our children, continuing our family’s farming legacy. 

We will bring awareness to specialty crop farming, and will educate the public about agricultural management, and the farming culture of our great state.

We believe in the health benefits of essential oils, lavender, and aromatherapy practices, and will encourage personal wellness through education.


A Family Business


Pierre Capron and Michele Judd started the lavender farm in the spring of 2017. Both Michele and Pierre grew up on dairy farms in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and are proud to be the next generation of farmers, working the same land as Michele’s grandparents once did. We are a multi-generational farm family, hoping to develop a successful business that can one day be passed onto our children.

It took a lot of research and planning before we began our new adventure.  We knew with some luck and determination, we would be successful lavender farmers!  Our desire to work for ourselves, step away from our high pressure jobs, and utilize family land was our driving force. We felt lavender was the right crop for us, so with a brave entrepreneurial spirit we took the leap, and fully committed ourselves to using all of our knowledge, resources, and hard work into making our small lavender business succeed! 

We have 3 species of Lavender—Munstead, Hidcote, and Phenomenal—planted on 1 acre, with a second acre planned for the summer of 2019.  We proudly rely on a 140ft Bergey wind turbine to generate electricity and reduce our carbon foot print. A natural spring-fed pond sits next to the lavender field and aids in our crop irrigation.

Our farm has amazing views for miles around of both the US as well as Canada.   It is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, helping to relax the souls and bring wellness of all who visit.  We are excited to offer a new creative destination through eco-tourism as well as a line of aromatherapy products made from our home grown and produced essential oils.  There is even buzz that we make a beautiful wedding destination!


At Lavender Essentials of Vermont, we follow safe farming practices, and use no pesticides or harmful fertilizers.



Michele is certified in aromatherapy and applies her specialized knowledge to our line of aromatherapy products.

We use a 2% dilution of pure essential oils in all our products providing you with superior therapeutic benefits

This means we add the highest level of quality therapeutic-grade essential oils to each of our products, to give you the safest, maximum holistic benefits that we can.



The farm plans to host yoga classes paired with aromatherapy in the lavender field this summer! The Romantic Date Night experience was a huge success last year,  and we will be expanding on this exclusive experience during this year’s bloom season. We have many new things planned for our future, such as honey bees, a pumpkin patch, and Chamomile.  We are planting a Lavender Labyrinth for our guests to walk while recharging their energy from the earth, and bringing wellness to their spirits. We are excited to open our farm up to pick-your-own bouquet admission, and will be offering lavender infused water during the bloom. 

Lavender blooms in July, August, and September. We will be harvesting in September, and distilling our locally grown lavender essential oils.

Lavender Essentials of Vermont are proud members of the US Lavender Growers Association.