High Tea is done for the season. See you next summer!

— A Brief History —

High tea has historically been a British tradition that began in the 18th century. Initially, it was a small afternoon meal for the working class to help get them from lunch to dinner, which was often served after 8pm. It was typically taken standing up or sitting on tall stools—hence the “high” part of the name. Over the centuries, high tea evolved into an important social event for the “leisure class,” but today it is enjoyed by all walks of people around the globe.

— High Tea at Lavender Essentials —

For our High Tea, we will be offering a variety of tea and finger-food style appetizers to sip and snack on as you enjoy the breathtaking views and the scent of growing lavender.

High Tea can be served in two different locations on the farm. Either on tables in the patio area of our retail barn, or picnic-style in the lavender fields. Please note that teas taken in the fields would be picnic-style, or on the ground with blankets and pillows. If you prefer to take your tea at a table, just let us know and we will serve you on the patio.

Reservations are required. Please RSVP for High Tea at least 24-hours in advance. This allows us to provide you with the best possible experience.

Cost: $25